Ellen Fischer

Research Associate

Phone: +49-331-28094-27

Since September 2022: Research assistant at the Moses Mendelssohn Center in the area of Knowledge Transfer and Outreach, Regional and Local History (Jewish Brandenburg).

Since May 2022: Educational consultant at the German Resistance Memorial Center (Berlin)

Since October 2021: Educational consultant within the exhibition "We were Neighbors - Biographies of Jewish Contemporary Witnesses" at Rathaus Schöneberg (Berlin)

2019-2021: Teaching at Humboldt University Berlin in the context of the Bologna Lab in the department of Cultural Studies on the topics "Women in the resistance against the Nazi regime in Berlin" as well as "Women in Nazi captivity in Berlin"

2018-2021: Studies in Jewish Studies at Freie Universität Berlin with a specialization in Holocaust Studies at the Touro College Berlin (Master's degree)

2018-2019: Research assistant at the office of the Women's Representative of Freie Universität Berlin for the internet portal "Toolbox - Gender and Diversity in Teaching"

2012-2015: Student assistant at the Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History in Leipzig, Germany.

2011-2018: Studies of Jewish Studies and German Language and Literature at the University of Halle/ Wittenberg (Bachelor)