The library of the Moses Mendelssohn Center (MMZ) is a specialized academic library that collects literature on the research areas of religious and intellectual history, European-Jewish history, European-Jewish literary and cultural history, as well as research literature on antisemitism and right-wing extremism.

The MMZ library is a reference library not only available to researchers and students, but also to the general public.

The library collection was started to being built up in 1993. Currently, the library owns about 85,000 volumes. The books are mostly from private estates of Jewish scholars

The library has subscribed to 50 newspapers, journals and yearbooks. The holdings can be searched through our library catalog. Apart from books and journals, more than 40,000 articles from journals and edited volumes are currently listed.

The MMZ library has six working desks, a reader for microfiche and microfilm, and a copier/scanner.

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Current Conditions of Use (as of April 5, 2022)

Desks in the MMZ library are available by appointment Monday through Friday. Please contact us in advance by e-mail or phone. While in the library, compliance with the current hygiene regulations and wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory; the mask may be removed at the workplace.

Thank you for your understanding!

Library Opening Hours

Mo  1pm - 5pm
Do  10am - 2pm
and by appointment


Am Neuen Markt 8
14467 Potsdam

Phone:   +49-331-28094-15
Fax:   +49-331-28094-50

Library Staff

Karin Bürger
Ursula Wallmeier